The Cambridge City Town Council meets the second Monday of each month in the City Building. The meetings are open to the public.  

REACH Alerts allow us to immediately share important information regarding a waterline breaks/boil water advisories, road closures due to construction or accidents, fires, AMBER/Silver alerts, police actions, and civic events.

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Independence Day Fireworks

Fire Chief Gabbard announced the Independence Day Fireworks sponsored by the Cambridge City Area Chamber of Commerce will be Saturday July 3rd with a rain out date for Sunday July 4th. The firemen’s car show will be July 4 th behind the fire station.

Recent Meeting Notes

  • The minutes of the previous meeting were approved and the claims were paid for May. Guests Jim King and Troy Lewis were present to discuss the "Betterment Group" or newly changed name to "Caring for Cambridge" group which includes all of Cambridge City. King advised a large city-wide cleanup is scheduled for June 19th making this a community effort to clean up properties, i.e., construction materials, abandoned cars, cutting trees off sidewalks, etc. King has invited all of council to become involved with this group hoping to form a direct relationship between the town and the Main Street group.
  • As discussed in the past, South Foote Street from Main to Church Street will be resurfaced during this next round of the Community Crossings project. Recent council discussions were to change the parking spots from angle parking on one side of the street to parallel parking on both sides of the street resulting in the loss of one parking spot only. A motion was made by Steve Sorah to keep the parking on South Foote street to angle parking. Debbie McGinley seconded this motion. After a roll call vote was taken, Jeff Mardis, Dan Worl and Nathan Riggs voted against the motion, Debbie McGinley and Steve Sorah voted to keep angle parking. A motion was made by Dan Worl to modify the parking on South Foote Street making the parking parallel on both sides of the street. Jeff Mardis seconded the motion. After a roll call vote, those in favor of the motion was Jeff Mardis, Dan Worl and Nathan Riggs. Not in favor were Debbie McGinley and Steve Sorah. The motion passed to change the parking to parallel parking on South Foote Street between Main and Church Streets. Attorney Bever will present a new ordinance with the change in parking.
  • The City building will re-open June 1 st to the public. After a lengthy discussion with council regarding re-opening of the council meetings, a motion was made by Debbie McGinley setting the current attendance and masked policy for council meetings to be open to the public with the first nine seats being available to participants (media will have priority seating) and the choice to wear masks held individually. After the nine seats have been filled for the council meeting, anyone will be able to phone in for the meeting by using the ZOOM call in number provided by the Clerk. Steve Sorah seconded the motion.
  • Michael Austin has been approved to hold a “Community Service, Night of Worship” June 26, July 24, and August 21. A DJ will provide music, with food vendors being present. Council has asked for certificate of insurance on any food vendors who attend this event serving food to the public.
  • Approval to renew the interlocal agreement with Western Wayne Schools for three years with the same terms for the School Resource Officers. Attorney Bever will prepare the documents and will have them ready for the June meeting.
  • President Riggs received a request asking for 3-4 parking stalls be added on U.S. 40 East of College Street. Michael Sinnet will draft a letter to INDOT requesting the 3-4 parking stalls be added on U.S. 40.
  • Fire Chief Gabbard announced the fireworks will be Saturday July 3 rd with a rain out date for Sunday July 4 th. The firemen’s car show will be July 4 th behind the fire station. A motion approving the fireworks and car show was made and approved. 
  • Council received a resignation letter effective May 16 th from Council member Dan Worl. Worl has taken a job in another state and will be changing his legal address in June. Letters of interest from any Cambridge City resident who is interested in running for the open council position can be submitted until June 1 st. Attorney Bever said because Worl was not elected or appointed by a major political party, the vacancy will be filled by the remaining members of council and have until June 16 th to appoint a replacement. An Executive Session has been set for June 3 rd at 6:00 p.m. to discuss any letters of interest received.

Cambridge City Town Council Meeting video available courtesy of Whitewater Community Television