The Cambridge City Town Council meets the second Monday of each month in the City Building. The meetings are open to the public.

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Cambridge City Comprehensive Master Plan Survey

The Town of Cambridge City is seeking grant funding to complete a comprehensive master plan to answer the following questions concerning the growth and development of our community:

1.Where are we now?

2.Where do we want to be?

3.How will we get there?

We will share the contents of the comprehensive master plan and timeline at the meeting on Monday January 14th at 6pm.  We hope to see you at our public hearing located at the Town Hall.

Discounted Prices on “Miller” Bottles (Perfect gifts for the holidays!)

The Town of Cambridge City is offering a discounted rate on any ‘bulk’ purchase of the glass “Miller Dairy” bottles that were donated with the recent gifting of the “Miller” building, from the John and Kay Miller family on Green Street. The community may now purchase a full ‘crate’ of the bottles, composed of various sizes of the bottles containing anywhere from 6 to 24 bottles, at the rate of $10.00 per crate.

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Potential Grant Opportunities

Guest Mike Cunningham from U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development gave a presentation on a potential grant to fund a study on the town’s water infrastructure and to determine what updates might be needed and what could be feasible. Cunningham said Cambridge City has two water systems, one at the Gateway Industrial Park and one within the city limits. If production is added at the industrial park, the park doesn’t have enough storage capability for more water. Cunningham thought the ideal choice would be to combine the two systems so if something went wrong in town, a switch could be flipped and water from the industrial park could be used in town. One type of grant would be a 25 percent match, and another wouldn’t require any match. The town could receive as much as $30,000 for the study.

Feeding Western Wayne

Scott Powell, lead Pastor of Resurrected Church in Pershing gave an update on Feeding Western Wayne for hot meals. Beginning the first Thursday in January 2019, hot meals will be passed out on a first come, first serve basis allowing anyone who needs a meal to have one. Local business leaders are willing to let the church serve meals in their buildings. For more information about meals, contact 765-541-2814 or email

Donations Accepted

A motion was made by Mrs. McGinley approving two fire department donations. $500.00 donated to the lights in the park from the Chamber of Commerce and $200.25 from the Zion’s Lutheran Church for the fire department to use as needed.

A motion was made by Mrs. McGinley approving the donation of $305.00 from Jim Potter and $1500.00 from the Chamber of Commerce for new wreaths. Mr. Sorah seconded the motions. All in favor, motions carried.

Police Officers Hired

A motion was made by Mrs. McGinley allowing Chief Roberts to hire 2 new officers starting January 7, 2019. Gordon D. Huntsman and Levi Kincaid will be probationary officers for one year and will start at $31,000.00. After completing the academy, each will receive a $500.00 increase on their pay. Mr. Sorah seconded the motion. All in favor, motion carried.

Cambridge City Town Council Meeting video available courtesy of Whitewater Community Television